Helping you, help your patients, immediately.

So you can focus on them and the important life-saving work you do.
See why our clients quote our “game-changing” access.

    Empower your admissions staff to admit every qualified prospect, 24 hours a day.

    Admit more qualified clients faster and easier
    • Access 1,000+ insurance plans and health benefit coverage
    Protect your billable census from policy lapse
    Accurately calculate EIV before admission
    • Integrate webforms to qualify patients via your website
    • Implement all of our features into your

    Designed for treatment centers

    VerifyTreatment is a cloud-based platform designed for treatment centers to admit on the first call, increase productivity, protect your revenue, and improve client response.

    Verify insurance benefits 24 hours a day – 7 days a week including holidays in under 10 seconds

    Single sign-on access to 1,000+ insurance plans from our web, mobile and Salesforce app

    Protect your insurance revenue and get real-time notifications when a patient’s insurance lapses

    We are not just a SaaS product

    We have created incredible relationships with so many partners at treatment centers around the country.