“I’m glad we have this now. It’s the only online verification systems that comes close to calling the provider….obviously, we’ll still do that, but VerifyTX allows me enough info to approve an after hour intake or not.  I’ve worked with just about every other “Instant VOB” software/programs, and VerifyTX is the only one I’m comfortable enough with to make after hour decision on an intake”

– Lee G, CEO
Choices Private Recovery

“VerifyTX is an absolute life saver, for myself as an intake coordinator and for the clients whose lives depend on our services. So many times in the past I have had to make clients wait on insurance verification over night or worst over the weekend. Those days are over, thanks to VerifyTX and their team putting clients lives at risk waiting for VOBs is a thing of the past.”

– Justin M, Intake Coordinator
Broadway Treatment Center

VerifyTX has been such a huge help for me and my facility. The wide array of insurance options makes it way better than other similar programs and a life saver on nights and weekends for people who need immediate help. I highly recommend it to any company in the behavioral health field.”

– Zac C, Director of Digital Marketing
First Step Behavioral Health

“We verify our census at least once a week, and catch a minimum of one termed policy each time with VerifyTX. That translates to several thousands of dollars a week saved, because we are able to be proactive about protecting our revenue.”   

– Matt H, Executive Vice President
Transformations Treatment Center

I’ve been using VerifyTX since it was in the testing phase, and even since then it has proven to be an invaluable tool to not only myself but my entire company. It’s proven itself to provide more in depth information than other products with the same purpose. I would recommend this product to anyone who works in the medical field who is looking for a simple tool for verification of benefits.”

– Matt S, Admissions Coordinator
Spring Gardens Detox

“I found that VerifyTX is a huge help and convenience for my clients to utilize from anywhere in the world.  The treatment centers I consult with have indicated that the best features include verification of new benefits for all clients regardless of how obscure the insurance company as well as getting benefits anytime anywhere as well as being user friendly”.

– Marcie M, Owner
Diogi Health and Wellness

VerifyTX allows me to determine which programs will be covered by my clients’ policies. It’s crucial to have instant and 24/7 access to benefit information, since in most cases, my clients’ needs don’t adhere to normal business hours. The fact that it’s available as a mobile app is very helpful considering I’m rarely in front of my computer.”

– Nathan L, Interventionist

I have been using the VerifyTX app since November 2016 and I love it. It helps in expediting the admission process. It benefits me the most when I get those middle of the night calls or when I am on the road away from my desktop computer.”

– Rex W, Owner
Total Recovery Now

“We are able to make decisions faster than ever before.  For the cost, I would never go without this product again.”  

– Jen C, Director of Client Services
Pure Thoughts at Turtle Creek        

“I was very active with VerifyTX since the beta testing stages. Even then the value of a user friendly and mobile verification tool that gave you access to so many insurance companies’ databases was obvious. On several instances, VerifyTX allowed me to quickly get an addict the help they needed when otherwise I would’ve had to wait until insurance companies opened the next day to make any decisions.”

– Dairo R, Admissions Director
Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

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