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The Revenue Generator

The Revenue Generator

Have you ever lost a client on nights or weekends, because you were unable to verify the insurance benefits (VOB) on another platform? If you are the Owner or CEO of an addiction treatment center, you may be losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

The problem: Other platforms only allows access to the major insurance carriers on their free web portal (Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, etc.). When your admissions team receives a call from someone seeking treatment on nights or weekends, they must wait until the following business day to call the insurance company to verify any of the potential client’s benefits.

The solution: VerifyTX (Verify Treatment) provides the most comprehensive electronic VOB for addiction treatment for 500+ insurance carriers instantly to your smart phone or desktop all in one application.

Large Center Medium Center Small Center
A. Levels of care  RTC, PHP, IOP  PHP, IOP, OP IOP, OP
B. Average census (all levels)  250  80  40
C. New VOBs per month  500  120 60
D. Monthly after hours / nights weekend VOBs  12  4 2
E. Percentage lost  50%  50% 50%
F. Number of client losses per month  6  2 1
G. Average revenue per client  $45,000  $30,000 $12,000
H. Total revenue lost per month  ($270,000)  ($60,000)  ($12,000)

Return On Investment

If your admissions team is able to access benefit information on VerifyTX that they could not get on another platform, and admit one additional client per month, you will realize a significant return on your investment, and thousands of dollars in additional insurance revenue per month.

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