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The Revenue Protector

The Revenue Protector

Revenue protection captures termed policies by re-verifying all current clients weekly, catching termed policies and ensuring continued benefits to prevent an inadvertent scholarship. One per month is the norm at small to midsize centers. Think of this as buying cheap insurance you will use every month, except the insurance company pays you directly in the form of reimbursement checks.

Dashboard View

Re-verification Example

In this dashboard view one of our customers re-verified their entire census with a few clicks. We changed the client names to “Client 1, Client 2, … , Client 12”, the customer name, and the user names to their roles for HIPAA compliance and confidentiality. We asked this center to test the revenue protector with their Verification Team (3 Verifiers, and 1 Manager), and they caught 12 termed policies out of 213 verifications bulk re-verified.  They have reallocated two of their verifiers to collections ($75,000 in annual savings), and are now able to collect on outstanding claims.

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