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Convert your contact us page into a lead-generating machine.

• VerifyTreatment 24/7 right from your website.

• Get pre-verified admissions leads

• Point-and-click customization

• Unlimited, easy to install API’s

• Setup just takes minutes!

Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce

Point-and-click integration in days, not months.

• Verify benefits with one click on any lead, contact, account, or custom object

• Our UI seamlessly integrates to patient records, claims, and verifications

• Run reports and create dashboards with real-time data

• Setup is extremely easy and only takes days!

5-Star reviews and customer service

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“Not only can you integrate this with your CRM, making your admissions experience seamless, the accuracy and multiple avenues VerifyTX offers are second to none in this industry. VerifyTX has continued to add new services and I was blown away at what else this industry aid could actually do.”

– Jay Redding, Director of Client Relations

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“I have used it with multiple facilities and it has contributed to much of the success we experienced. With the SUD field being so fast-paced and competitive, it’s important to be able to make informed decisions in a timely manner.”

– Jack Brennan, Admissions Advisor

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“Jon at VerifyTreatment did a wonderful job of communicating with my team during our implementation into Salesforce. I had some questions and he was very eager to jump on the phone even after hours.”

– Chelsea McComsey, Director of Strategic Development

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Setup is extremely easy

Add a lead-generating webform to your website in minutes or integrate seamlessly to Salesforce in days.

API resources to connect easily 

Our team is here to help you with the process of making your tools work better for you.

Increase leads and revenue

Get leads, verify instantly, and admit more patients with our point-and-click implementation.

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