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Convert more leads into prospects

VerifyTX is a cloud-based (mobile/desktop) platform that accurately verifies insurance benefits in real-time; 24 hours a day – 7 days a week including holidays in under 10 seconds from anywhere. We provide your staff with the information they need when they need it; access insurance benefits faster.
Have you ever lost of a client or revenues due to…

  • a delay in verifying benefits?
  • or an insurance policy lapse?
  • or because of an error in a benefits verification?
Our new VOB technology eliminates all of these costly errors by facilitating VOB’s faster and more accurately than ever before with the VerifyTx App.

Empower your team with a one-call-close

When someone is seeking treatment, they call several facilities looking for immediate assistance. Usually, the first facility to respond “yes” is the center to admit the patient. Tired of losing clients because you couldn’t respond fast enough? Verifying insurance benefits is a key qualifier in the admission process, but can take hours or days to complete. “Large centers close the client on the first call, and booked the fight ” Now you can too!
End delays in the admissions process by providing your team with real-time access to key benefit information. How?
VerifyTX has access to 500+ insurance company databased, and provides the most comprehensive VOB on the market.

Improve your collection rate with no extra work.

As a treatment provider facing the challenges of low reimbursements, denials, and keeping a full census, every dollar is becoming more necessary. Often times, when someone goes into treatment they are going through a very transitional time of their life – they just lost their job, they just got divorced, their insurance just termed.
How do you ensure active coverage for each client on your census? You re-verify the policies during treatment.

“We re-verify twice per month” is the industry norm. “I don’t think there is an efficient way to do it more than that”, we are told. Well there is now – problem solved! VerifyTX allows you to re-verify your entire census without any addition data entry or man power!

It stores a record of the verification including Date Verified, Coverage Status, and Reference Number so when you’re denied in error, you stand a fighting chance getting paid! How often should you verify? Everyday.

Why wouldn’t you? Don’t loss revenue you should be collecting. Fight the insurance company with the new way to verify.


  • Admit more clients, faster and easier
  • Improve Collection Rates
  • Increase visibility & control
  • Prevent revenue loss due to termed policies
  • Access from anywhere
  • Save staff time and money
  • No contracts, month-to-month
  • No set-up cost
  • Free Demo Available


  • Access 500+ Insurance Databases
  • Real-time verification (
  • Available on mobile/desktop
  • Management Dashboard
  • Bulk-reverification
  • Verification Log (w/ reference #)
  • Automated Re-verification
  • Saleforce App
  • Free Demo Available

Accelerate your admission process


revenue generator

Other verification tools provide information only on the major insurance carriers — Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, and Humana — so when your team needs to verify a non-major insurance with a competing solution, they must wait in a queue or follow up on the next business day to check the benefits. VerifyTX removes the wait and closes the gap between insurance submission and client admission.

revenue protector

VerifyTX captures termed policies by re-verifying weekly all current clients, ensuring continued benefits that prevent an inadvertent scholarship. Think of this as purchasing insurance that pays reimbursement checks every month.

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