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Have you ever lost a client on nights, weekends, or holidays?

I just checked your benefits; everything looks good to me. I’ll send it in for one final check, but let’s go ahead and start your screening.
[Continues with the admissions process]
I’ll send this over to our insurance verifier. It typically takes about an hour, then I’ll call you back.
[Hangs up phone with prospect]

Return on investment

One additional client per month and you will capture thousands in additional revenue.

Slow insurance verification is causing treatment centers to lose qualified clients. The average current wait time is one to three hours. Anytime you wait on the verification you risk losing the client.
Our single sign-on web and mobile app are easy-to-use, can access 1,000+ of the leading insurers in the US, is available 24/7/365, and allows you to accept new patients upon request.

Revenue protector

Have you calculated the cost of one policy terming per month at your treatment center?

Treatment Centers lose millions of dollars annually due to policies terming while the client is in the program. It takes significant time and payroll to re-verify coverage for all active clients. With Auto-VOB Monitoring you don’t run the risk of a lapsed policy.
Automatically re-verify your census without additional payroll cost and get real-time notifications when the insurance terms while the client is still in treatment! The client dashboard will track each verification including a reference number on the record.

When it comes to saving someone’s life – 10 minutes of your time is the best investment.

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Case study: Foundations Recovery Network

How improved customer relationships, an agile team, and quick patient response attributes to the ROI of a nationally-accredited treatment center.

One patient a month can save treatment center thousands of dollars

1 out of every 10 calls results in a lost patient that is $10-20K in lost revenue per patient.

Foundations saves $10,000 or more a month in lapsed insurance policies.

One hundred thousand

Tiffany Barnes, says it helped them save over $100,000 in just 6 months.

Foundations knew that the window of hope when someone calls is often incredibly small. The faster they can help someone, the better chance they have of providing them with potentially life-saving care. VerifyTreatment made it possible to have answers on the spot, in regards to their insurance coverage and financial options.
The traditional insurance verification process is time-consuming and convoluted. Lengthy back and forth with Admissions reps, limited access to insurance records (especially after-hours) and multiple sign-on, delayed admissions. With VerifyTreatment’s single-sign-on technology available 24/7/365 days a year, a patient can get help quick.
Foundations needed more staff with increasingly longer admissions time. VerifytTreatment has not only saved them tens of thousands in labor, but saved them the cost of losing patients when VOB’s took too long and they called another program.
Insurance lapses, lack of information and responsiveness led to $10,000+ per month in lost revenue. Foundations soon discovered that by empowering their team with VerifyTreatment they can answer the difficult questions for clients, with ease. “You really can’t put a number on a patient’s peace of mind”.

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